SCCAL softball starting to shape up

We’re finally starting to see the SCCAL standings shake out — now that the rain has stopped and games are being played — and so far, it’s kind of what everyone expected.

Soquel is unbeaten and in first place. SLV is right behind them, and Santa Cruz has proven to be the best of the remaining teams — at least through the first half of the season.

The two-loss Cardinals can make the race even more interesting with a win today. They’re hosting one-loss SLV at 4 p.m.

Santa Cruz already lost to SLV — 8-2 on March 22. But the Cougars scored six runs in the first inning of that game, before the Cardinals put in Alex Scott in relief. Scott allowed two runs over the remaining 5+ innings — neither of which were earned.

Expect Scott to make the start today.

A win for SLV would be key, too. Its only loss has come to Soquel, but that was over separate days when the two teams’ original game was rained out. Tough to put a ton of stock into that, but a win is a win. The rematch comes Thursday.

While there is more of an order in the SCCAL now than there was a week, two weeks ago, I wouldn’t say the SCCAL is wrapped up yet. The amount of rain-outs teams had early in the season will lead to three-game, maybe even four-game weeks — depending upon how many games are actually rescheduled.

Strange things tend to happen when a team is playing its fourth game in a single week.

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