Bryan Stow’s son throws out first pitch at Giants’ home opener

Bryan Stow wasn’t able to make it to AT&T Park for Friday’s game. But his son did.

Tyler Stow made the ceremonial first pitch during the Giants’ home opener in San Francisco, in honor of his father.

Before Tyler could make the game’s first toss, though, he was escorted out by relief pitcher Jeremy Affeldt and the rest of the Giants. Later, the video Jumbotron showed Bryan Stow, baseball in hand, and his mother, Ann, who thanked all the fans for showing their love and support the past year.

Ann said they had hoped Bryan would be able to attend the game, but he’s still working hard in therapy. She then told Tyler his dad was going to hand him the ball.

“Tyler, here’s the ball,” Bryan said on the video screen, holding the ball forward as if to present it to Tyler.

“Good luck, son,” he added.

Receiving the ball from Affeldt, Tyler then winded up before throwing the ceremonial first pitch across the plate — from the rubber.

Emotional stuff.

Tyler received high-fives from players afterward, including Sergio Romo and Javier Lopez.

See the video

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