Pats win, as does anyone who calls in this week

So, to the surprise of few, the New England Patriots defeated the Denver Broncos on Saturday night. Last week, I discussed a friendly wager between myself (a Pats fan) and Sports Editor Julie Jag (a Broncos fan), that was sure to end in tears and curse words and bruised psyches — but that’s only if New England lost.

They didn’t, and I now get to collect my winnings — and so do you!!!!

What Jag and I agreed upon was this: The loser, in this case Julie, must answer the phone, “Sports Department, this is Julie. Go Patriots!”

[NOTE: I added the exclamation point at the end. Chances are, nothing of what Julie says this week will be exclaimed.]

This will last one week. Failure to fulfill this bet will equal an additional penalty of free coffee, which is like gold to a reporter and the real reason why I accepted.

We appreciate all the suggestions we received when we put this wager out there last week. Thanks to all.

UPDATE: We’re only one day down, but I have to say that I’m enjoying this bet much more than I expected to. If you ever wanted to call Julie Jag, I suggest doing so this week. She will truly appreciate hearing from you.

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