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The future of newspapers — and the latest from DFM leadership

If you’re a Sentinel reader, of our online products or print, you’ll probably be interested in the latest State of the Industry talk by Digital First Media CEO John Paton. The Sentinel is part of DFM, so when Paton describes … Continue reading

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Year in review? Dave Barry does it best

No one can capture the strangeness of a departing year quite like columnist and author Dave Barry, as he does again in 2013: The Year of the Zombies. After going through a list of tiresome things that didn’t change in … Continue reading

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How “citizens” plan to make Santa Cruz safer

The Nov. 27 Editorial in the Santa Cruz Sentinel By its very name, makeup and purpose, the Santa Cruz Public Safety Citizen Task Force was never going to overturn the long-established underpinnings of the city’s cherished identity. By including a … Continue reading

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JFK: Tarnished legacy of martyred icon

The presidency of John F. Kennedy, which ended 50 years ago, has become the standard by which his successors are measured. From the machinations of LBJ to the darkness of Nixon, to Carter’s moralizing, Reagan’s release of the safety net, … Continue reading

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Collaboration on news

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Political cronyism, UC pension demands – another disconnect

Any lingering questions about why so many Californians don’t trust politicians and are disgusted by the pensions paid out to many public employees were answered over the past week by several news developments. In the first, departing Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger … Continue reading

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Tough week for Sheriff’s Office

The following will be published Dec. 8 as the Sentinel’s Editorial: It hasn’t been a great week for the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office. But then, it wasn’t that great for some local residents, either. Wednesday-morning quarterbacking is easy and … Continue reading

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Narrow escape

Wednesday’s editorial in the Sentinel: First, the good news about Monday’s disturbing escape of a violent prisoner from law enforcement custody. It could have been far, far worse. After the prisoner overpowered a sheriff’s deputy who was guarding him during … Continue reading

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Shining a light on public salaries and benefits:

The Thursday, Sept. 23, Sentinel Editorial: Council member Teresa Jacobo stands in the dock among eight current and former Bell, Calif., city officials arrested on corruption charges, as they appear in court at the Criminal Justice Center in downtown Los … Continue reading

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Hits and Misses from the news

HITS Class Conscious Cabrillo College is welcoming back students this week — the 51st year our community college has offered a quality education and job training to local residents. This year, however, Cabrillo, like almost all publicly funded schools in … Continue reading

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