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The future of newspapers — and the latest from DFM leadership

If you’re a Sentinel reader, of our online products or print, you’ll probably be interested in the latest State of the Industry talk by Digital First Media CEO John Paton. The Sentinel is part of DFM, so when Paton describes … Continue reading

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The story about the “Dr. V’s Magical Putter” story

So here’s the story. A new putter, said to be “scientifically superior” to all other such golf clubs, is being touted by a well known television pro golf analyst. A young journalist, also a golfer, sees an online video featuring … Continue reading

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You howled, we … listened

We asked for your thoughts about changes in the comics and features we have been publishing in our print edition — and, brother and sister, you gave them to us. In nearly 400 emails and dozens of phone calls (we … Continue reading

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Sentinel will adopt new digital subscription model

A new subscription model that charges for frequent access to digital content was announced Monday by Digital First Media, including the newspaper group that publishes the Sentinel, as the company joins other news organizations in the quest to generate more … Continue reading

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To Bard or not to Bard: Shakespeare bids adieu?

Everything is personal, even Shakespeare. Sunday night, my wife and I attended the Shakespeare Santa Cruz production of “Henry V” in the festival redwood glen. Chilly, as usual in a Santa Cruz night, but a warm and inviting production, with … Continue reading

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The Santa Cruz Sentinel’s historic achievement

  OK — there’s been so much negative stuff surrounding newspapers (much of it self inflicted by the way), that I’m going to step out from any feigned posture of humility and toot our, the Santa Cruz Sentinel’s, horn for … Continue reading

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Easter: Like a rolling stone

Been down. Been raised up. Been in exile. And brought out of Egypt. Been a victim. Took responsibility. Been self-reliant. Well, that didn’t work … Lost it all. Gained everything. Been with family when they died. Was there with my … Continue reading

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DIY: My adventures in handyman-ination

  I have found a way to make myself useful, for once. And like pretty much everything else these days, it replaces flesh and blood with a digital solution. Kind of. As probably everyone under the age of 35 knows, … Continue reading

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Open and shut: the death of Aaron Swartz

The suicide of digital open-access activist Aaron Swartz was a tragedy for his family and his friends. Swartz, who was 26 when he hung himself Friday, spent much of his short life deeply immersed in the online world. He had … Continue reading

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Get real on gun laws

The following is the Dec. 19, 2012, Editorial for the Santa Cruz Sentinel: Controlling guns of mass destruction is much the topic — nationally and in this space — after the horrifying slaughter of 20 small children and six adults … Continue reading

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