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The story about the “Dr. V’s Magical Putter” story

So here’s the story. A new putter, said to be “scientifically superior” to all other such golf clubs, is being touted by a well known television pro golf analyst. A young journalist, also a golfer, sees an online video featuring … Continue reading

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The Croix de Candlestick getting extinguished

Monday night, for all intents and purposes, is light’s out for a candle that definitely has blown in the wind. The ’Stick. Yes, we prepare to say goodbye to Candlestick Park. Home of The Catch. Of Joe Montana, Steve Young … Continue reading

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Dodgers-Giants: Tale of two stadiums

On the past two Tuesday evenings, I was able to attend a major league baseball game involving my favorite team, the world champion San Francisco Giants. The first game, on the night of April 2 was at Dodger Stadium in … Continue reading

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Chasing Mavericks captures Santa Cruz surf culture

When the first scene in the recently released film, Chasing Mavericks showed a panorama of the Santa Cruz coastline, the audience inside the theater began whooping and hollering. While this film may not play well in Ohio — but what … Continue reading

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The “T” in Team means “together”: Giants champs again

AP Images As overjoyed as fans are after the San Francisco Giants won their second World Series title in three years, what was really unique about this season and the remarkable postseason run were how the contributions were so widely … Continue reading

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World Series Game 2 and counting — Madbum it!

SAN FRANCISCO — Scratch, claw, Madbum it … You just knew the thrills of Game 1 wouldn’t be repeated, didn’t you?, but did Game 2 of the 2012 World Series have to turn out to be another-side-of-the-moon torture test from … Continue reading

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Room with a view: Series from the stands

View from the stands as Pablo Sandoval delivers his fourth hit of his epic 3-HR game/Don Miller Game 1 of the World Series is one of the greatest moments in sporting events and San Francisco Giant fans have been graced … Continue reading

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Ballad of Hunter Pence: Divine intervention for Giants?

As the San Francisco Giants unlikely postseason moved Monday night to the almost surreal — surviving six do-or-die elimination games and moving on to their second World Series in three years — the moment became an occasion once again for … Continue reading

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Giants scandal: Cheaters rob fans, teammates, honest athletes

Melky Cabrera/Getty Images The Olympics are over and for the most part, were clean. “Clean” as in only a few athletes were found to be using performance enhancing drugs. Good thing, because cheating takes all the joy from the competition, … Continue reading

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Streaming of consciousness: Olympics in 140 characters — or more

TMI. Has the ongoing debate about Olympics’ media coverage uncovered a new trend? Could it be that Americans’ incessant desire for near-instant posts, entertainment, tweets and Facebook updates, is suffering from a groaning sense of overload rather than faster download … Continue reading

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