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Stop and frisk: Is it worth it?

Summer has brought another outbreak of violence in Santa Cruz County — a tourist shot by a robber in San Lorenzo Park, a gang-related killing on Santa Cruz’s Mission Street, a shooting in the Seabright neighborhood also attributed to gangs, … Continue reading

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Santa Cruz getting tougher on transients

  We have to concede a sense of uneasiness when a local government body attempts to regulate who can stand in roadway medians, particularly when the new limitations clearly are aimed at a particular message. But when that message is … Continue reading

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Cleaning up Cowell Beach

The Santa Cruz Sentinel Editorial for May 24, 2013: The annual Heal the Bay beach report card was released Thursday and it was not especially good news for Santa Cruz County, a place that prides itself on 29 miles of … Continue reading

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Santa Cruz traffic: Breaking the gridlock

From the Sentinel Opinion page;  the May 16, 2013 Editorial:     Bridges are all the topic these days. In the San Francisco Bay Area, it’s the Bay Bridge — or rather the snapped steel bolts and possible delay in … Continue reading

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The Santa Cruz Sentinel’s historic achievement

  OK — there’s been so much negative stuff surrounding newspapers (much of it self inflicted by the way), that I’m going to step out from any feigned posture of humility and toot our, the Santa Cruz Sentinel’s, horn for … Continue reading

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My niece and the Dove “Beauty Sketches” commercial

How do you feel about your body image? My 18-year-old niece has become part of a global phenomenon. Unless you’re an aging male (hmmm, who could that be), or so consumed by news out of Boston you can’t concentrate on … Continue reading

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Easter: Like a rolling stone

Been down. Been raised up. Been in exile. And brought out of Egypt. Been a victim. Took responsibility. Been self-reliant. Well, that didn’t work … Lost it all. Gained everything. Been with family when they died. Was there with my … Continue reading

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Santa Cruz grapples with crime, drugs and … homeless services

No issue has so divided the greater Santa Cruz community as providing day-use services at the Homeless Services Center. This issue has continued to heat up for a variety of reasons: The public’s perception that transients continue to be a … Continue reading

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First Latin American pope changes history

Pope Francis I has already made history — and that’s saying a lot about the most historic institution in the world. Considering the challenges he faces, however, that may be the easy part for the new pope, the former Cardinal … Continue reading

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End of watch: Death is not the end for officers Butler and Baker

  Within all the love and support, all the tributes and eulogies for fallen officers Elizabeth Butler and Butch Baker at their memorial service Thursday at HP Pavilion in San Jose, it was the human story that struck more deeply … Continue reading

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