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Joy of the Gospel run contrary to idolatry of money, church practices

Pope Francis had some provocative things to say in his first major piece of writing, released this week as “Evangelii Gaudium” (“The Joy of the Gospel”). Along with a defense of traditional Catholic moral teaching, the Pope continues his argument about … Continue reading

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How “citizens” plan to make Santa Cruz safer

The Nov. 27 Editorial in the Santa Cruz Sentinel By its very name, makeup and purpose, the Santa Cruz Public Safety Citizen Task Force was never going to overturn the long-established underpinnings of the city’s cherished identity. By including a … Continue reading

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JFK: Tarnished legacy of martyred icon

The presidency of John F. Kennedy, which ended 50 years ago, has become the standard by which his successors are measured. From the machinations of LBJ to the darkness of Nixon, to Carter’s moralizing, Reagan’s release of the safety net, … Continue reading

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Sentinel will adopt new digital subscription model

A new subscription model that charges for frequent access to digital content was announced Monday by Digital First Media, including the newspaper group that publishes the Sentinel, as the company joins other news organizations in the quest to generate more … Continue reading

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Nightmare on Elm Street: 50 years later, JFK’s motorcade still makes the turn

Fifty years after, the motorcade still makes that fateful turn, from Houston onto Elm Street. Dealey Plaza. Just a few minutes more and its onto the Stemmons Freeway and the trip to the Dallas Trade Mart for a luncheon speech. … Continue reading

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Obamacare vs. the Affordable Care Act: Which is better?

Grrrr. Down with Obamacare! What we need in this country is … affordable health care. You say what? There’s another new health care law, the Affordable Care Act? We’ll take that one rather than the socialistic, anti-business, high-cost … Obamacare. Earlier … Continue reading

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To Bard or not to Bard: Shakespeare bids adieu?

Everything is personal, even Shakespeare. Sunday night, my wife and I attended the Shakespeare Santa Cruz production of “Henry V” in the festival redwood glen. Chilly, as usual in a Santa Cruz night, but a warm and inviting production, with … Continue reading

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Len La Barth

At the Sentinel, we called him, “Ballgame.” I think because Len La Barth was a die-hard Philadelphia Phillies’ fan — and reminded us in his take-no-prisoners style of newspapering and competing of Lenny Dykstra, a hard charging Phillies outfielder who … Continue reading

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Stop and frisk: Is it worth it?

Summer has brought another outbreak of violence in Santa Cruz County — a tourist shot by a robber in San Lorenzo Park, a gang-related killing on Santa Cruz’s Mission Street, a shooting in the Seabright neighborhood also attributed to gangs, … Continue reading

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