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Choosing hope over worry

We look up. Look down. Look around. Feeling weighed down by the tax season. The cost of living along the Central Coast. Advancing age and the tremors that lurk in the shadows. Quietly, imperceptibly, the tomb closes in. Hopeless. That’s … Continue reading

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The future of newspapers — and the latest from DFM leadership

If you’re a Sentinel reader, of our online products or print, you’ll probably be interested in the latest State of the Industry talk by Digital First Media CEO John Paton. The Sentinel is part of DFM, so when Paton describes … Continue reading

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The story about the “Dr. V’s Magical Putter” story

So here’s the story. A new putter, said to be “scientifically superior” to all other such golf clubs, is being touted by a well known television pro golf analyst. A young journalist, also a golfer, sees an online video featuring … Continue reading

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You howled, we … listened

We asked for your thoughts about changes in the comics and features we have been publishing in our print edition — and, brother and sister, you gave them to us. In nearly 400 emails and dozens of phone calls (we … Continue reading

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Year in review? Dave Barry does it best

No one can capture the strangeness of a departing year quite like columnist and author Dave Barry, as he does again in 2013: The Year of the Zombies. After going through a list of tiresome things that didn’t change in … Continue reading

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Light in the darkness

I can’t forget Christmas bells. This year, a group of us gathered at a local shopping mall to spend a day and night ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. I can still hear the back-and-forth trill of the tinny … Continue reading

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Columnist examines Christmas story 2013

I thought Ross Douthat’s New York Times column this weekend, “Ideas from a Manger,” perfectly captured how the traditional Christmas story reflects three divergent views in our world today. Douthat writes that while the narrative continues to be a “depiction of … Continue reading

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The Croix de Candlestick getting extinguished

Monday night, for all intents and purposes, is light’s out for a candle that definitely has blown in the wind. The ’Stick. Yes, we prepare to say goodbye to Candlestick Park. Home of The Catch. Of Joe Montana, Steve Young … Continue reading

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Reza por mi — Time’s POY, Pope Francis

  So much for the online movement to have Miley Cyrus named Person of the Year. Time magazine ignored the posts and videos and took another tack — Pope Francis. Time’s annual anointing remains relevant, even if print magazines really … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving is the most radical of holidays

I’m aware that merchants think this year’s late date is pushing up against holiday shopping, but, still — Thanksgiving already? Deep down it feels like summer just ended, but why argue — and anyway, what’s not to like? Of all … Continue reading

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