And the winner on iPhone apps? Google Maps

It’s back.

Yup. Google Maps is back as an iPhone app, and it’s much better.

Much better than the previous Google mapping app for iPhone — and way better than Apple’s much reviled Maps app that seems to have brought on a Cupertino purge of anyone associated with the fiasco.

Not surprisingly, the morning reviews universally praised Google Maps as the better alternative, and the app quickly shot up to the top of the most downloaded list for iPhone. An iPad app hopefully is not far off.

While Apple continues to insist it is improving the homegrown mapping app, why would anyone care at this point? Apple is so good at so many things, does it really need to try and outmap Google on this? Didn’t think so. And who wants to be sent to the wrong location, end up stranded in the wrong wilderness or missing out on the kind of detailed traffic reports, satellite images and 3-D Google’s app offers without angst or error?

The newly improved Google Maps also offers voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation — previously only available on Android phones.

As one reviewer put it today, the release of Google Maps brings “hope to those who have been having trouble getting around since the Apple mapocalypse.”


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