School daze: Thursday protests coming

Tomorrow, Thursday March 4, is shaping up to focus attention on schools and the current budget mess. From K-12 schools, to Cabrillo, to UC Santa Cruz, we’re told students, teachers and even administrators will be participating. At least at UCSC, the rally could turn into a protest, which could turn into … well, we’ll just have to see.

In any case, the Sentinel, which has featured a live discussion today about the demonstrations,  is planning coverage beginning early in the morning, with online updates and Twitter feeds, video, photo slide shows and finally, a print presentation for Friday.

One wild card is a discussion going on early this evening between Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and key leaders from the UC , CSU and community college systems. Fee hikes and budget cutbacks have changed the nature of higher ed in California and no one is happy — and the top administrators are probably bracing for student protests against high salaries and executive perks while funding is so tight. What’s odd in this situation is that the college fees are hitting the middle class more than poor families, since for the latter, federal and state aid is still readily available. But for the families who make a survivable income, it’s nearly impossible to get through college without taking sizeable loans. Oh — and these are the people who vote.

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  1. RobtA says:

    This morning, a blockade at High and Western was interfering with traffic to and from Bonny Doon. There are no alternatives to my knowledge, except to go through Davenport. Although vehicles did pass when protesters were moved aside, nevertheless that kind of behavior is not going to make friends.

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