So I’m at Rio del Mar beach Saturday, along with about 2 million other people, and some porpoises were cruising along about 150 yards offshore, their black dorsal fins easily visible from shore.

Then a woman yelled. “Shark,” at the top  her lungs — and went plunging into the surf (and the waves were big) to gather her kids in. Perhaps she was remembering the recent attack by a Great White on a porpoise (Seacliff State Beach was closed for a few days just in case …), or perhaps she saw something I didn’t. In any case, a number of people got out of the water, pronto, even though a nearby lifeguard seemed unconcerned. Really reminded me of Jaws.

Best  shark videos:

Two sharks share  a wave and bite a surfer; and a Great White jumps for, well if not joy, at least to show he or she is really enjoying lunch.

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6 Responses to Shark!

  1. Fred Hayek says:

    Shouting “Shark” at a crowded beach is like shouting “Theater” at a fire, but a bit more accurate. There are always going to be sharks in the water so it’s literally true.

    Was this entry supposed to be about idiots at the beach? They’re more common than sharks, even.

  2. Simon says:

    I’ve been down to La Selva Beach pretty often this summer and there are always some cool Porpoises going by. Very nice. I was hoping to see a angstful teenage Shark that didn’t know that he is supposed to eat Seals yet, but no luck.

  3. Local Dave says:

    Was it La Selva or Rio Del Mar? Make up your mind. Maybe now that the Sentinel is in Scotts Valley you don’t know the difference. After all, the paper is now closer to Los Gatos than Aptos.

  4. KP says:

    Shouting “theater” at a fire….Idiots ARE more common than sharks…

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