Aptos’ Torres OK after tsunami strikes coast of northeastern Japan

Aptos High alum Carlos Torres, who is playing professional baseball in Japan for the Tokyo Giants, sent an email confirming he is OK after a devastating tsunami hit northeastern Japan on Friday.

The tsunami was triggered by the biggest earthquake on record in Japan — which registered an 8.9 magnitude-8.9 offshore. Current reports have the tsunami claiming at least 1,000 lives after a wall of water swept away everything in its path, Rueters news service reported.

Torres and the Giants were playing a spring training game against the host Hiroshima Carp in southern Japan at the time.

“Shock is the easiest way to explain it,” Torres wrote in an email. “During the game people were watching it on TV and just staring, which is something Japanese people don’t do during baseball games. Meaning my teammates usually don’t do anything but watch our game. …  I’m hoping all their families are safe and they got a hold of everyone.”

Torres, a former Chicago White Sox right-handed pitcher, was signed by the Yomiuri Giants to a one-year contract roughly worth 69 million yen [$850,000 U.S.], plus incentives for performance, on Nov. 16.

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