McGehee a focal point in Milwaukee’s 12-2 rout of Anaheim

Soquel High alum Casey McGehee made two highlight plays in Milwaukee’s 12-2 victory over the Anaheim Angels in Monday night in interleague play.

The first was his Torii Hunter-aided home run to centerfield. Hunter appeared to have caught a ball McGehee hit at the warning track, but it popped out of Hunter’s glove during his collision with the fence. The solo shot in the sixth inning was McGehee’s 11th home run of the season.

He smiled as he rounded the bases and crossed home plate. He was hit by a pitch in the seventh inning.

In the bottom of the seventh, McGehee took out Angels shortstop Erick Aybar to break up a double-play attempt. Aybar hyperextended his left knee, which, reportedly, didn’t sit well with the Angels’ broadcasters.

Asked about the intent of his slide after the game, McGehee was quoted in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel saying: “I got hit by a pitch, it hurt. But if you ask if I went extra hard because I got hit, no. I was going into second base, making a slide, making sure he couldn’t turn a double play. Unfortunately, the guy was in an awkward position. Look at the video.”

McGehee didn’t appear to go in with ill-intent. He didn’t lift his arms or raise his leg. He simply watched Aybar writhe in pain a second or two before returning to the dugout.

For McGehee’s home run and slide into second base:

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