Cast your vote for Trey Bilardello

Trey Bilardello, the son of former Santa Cruz County baseball great Dann Bilardello, has a chance to be a caddie for a day for the upcoming PGA Tour tournament in Port St. Lucie, Fla. But he needs your help, so take the time to cast a vote for him.

When you open up the link you will see the details.

Dann Bilardello, a member of the Sentinel’s all-time all-county baseball team, is the catching coordinator for the St Louis Cardinals minor league system. He’s also heading to Nicaragua on Sunday to coach for 3 months.

Here’s the link for Trey:

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3 Responses to Cast your vote for Trey Bilardello

  1. Bill Jenkins says:

    Also make sure to check out Trey’s sportsmanlike contribution to this website where he asks people how to cheat on the voting and then calls them all kinds of names after they tell him how to do it. He’s a disgrace to the sport.

    Bill Jenkins

  2. Chman says:

    While your there ask Bryan or Ralph( Both Moderators) for a copy of the posts that were deleted from that thread. Trey= cheater? Me thinks so…

  3. Trey Bilardello says:

    Bryan, Chman, and Bill, who I will call the Onions. Belong to a forum online called nobodylikesonions. They are cheaters and liars, and I am kinda upset I have to write this out to explain why. I was in a caddy for a day contest with 5 other people. If you won you got to caddy for Ken Duke a PGA pro. The goal was to get people to vote for you online The voting lasted about a week long. The rules were you could only vote once per hour. On about the fourth day I was winning by almost 600 votes. The Onions got their forum together to use a voting system called “proxy voting” which allows someone to vote 60-70 in 30 minutes. I called the Mike Graham, who was running the contest, and is sports editior of the local newspaper. He said ” proxy voting is against the rules but nothing could be done to stop it,” and I would lose the contest unless I caught up in votes. I then got my friends to proxy vote I won and now they are sore losers and post their own rude forums posts and claim it to be me because they are mad I came back and won the contest. Don’t listen to them and thanks if anyone voted. I got to caddy for Ken Duke today it was a great experience. Thanks

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