San Jose State football: from New Mexico Bowl to toilet bowl?

San Jose State’s football team played as poorly as it could have Saturday? Or did they?
The team didn’t play defense, looked horrible on offense for a third straight week without top returning rusher Yonus Davis, who is injured, and struggled on special teams too.
After suffering disheartening road losses to Arizona State and Kansas State, the 2006 New Mexico Bowl champion Spartans were crushed 37-0 by host Stanford Saturday night. It was a game they were supposed to lose by seven points, according to oddsmakers. In coach Dick Tomey-land, it was a game the Spartans were supposed to win.
“We were awful,” said Tomey in an animated post-game meeting with reporters. “We were badly coached. We were a bunch of primadonnas. We just don’t compete.”
So to make sure they start learning, Tomey called a 6:30 a.m. practice for Sunday, closed to the media. (Not sure I would want to attend, anyway.)
Stanford gained 506 yards of offense to the Spartans’ 163. Cardinal quarterback T.C. Ostrander completed 18 of 28 passes for 220 yards and two fourth quarter touchdowns, and running back Toby Gerhart rushed for 141 yards on 12 carries — making him Stanford’s first 100-yard rusher in a game since 2004.
“It’s not about the offense or the defense,” Tomey said. “It’s about playing with character, playing with toughness, playing with pride. And we’re not doing any of that.”
Believe the coach, they didn’t do any of that.
The Spartans made Ostrander and Gerhart look like Heisman candidates.
Gerhart, a sophomore, was a surprise, considering he missed Stanford’s season-opening loss to UCLA with a hamstring injury.
“It feels good,” said Gerhart, who straight-armed Spartans All-American Dwight Lowery to the ground on his 13-yard touchdown run in the third quarter. “We made a statement for us in general. Everyone was blocked. Every play is designed to leave one guy, for me to beat. It was just a team effort. No one gives credit to our run game. They say we have no run game.”
Not sure it’s a run game without a tackling game. It seemed like the Spartans were giving the Cardinal a police escort to the end zone, especially in the fourth quarter, when they allowed three touchdowns.
Sure, the Spartans are young. But they do return Lowery and Chris Owens at corner, and Matt Costelo at linebacker. No one thought SJSU’s defense would allow 116 points through three games.
And the Spartans’ offense? Seventeen points in that same span?
Yonus, hurry back. But I’m not sure it’s going to help much without a standout receiver like graduated James Jones.

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3 Responses to San Jose State football: from New Mexico Bowl to toilet bowl?

  1. Spartan Faithfull says:

    Its only 3 games and you are already writing sjsu off. By the way the defense only gave up 3 field Goals in the first half, and kept the team in the game. Its a long season and the spartans will right the script. So stoping hateing and be constructive.

  2. Spartan Faithfull says:

    I ment right the ship!

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